This class develops each child’s painting technique & unique style through the medium of acrylic paints, oil paints, pastel, & water colour improving appreciation of artists & skills whilst creating their own paintings.

Pop Art

Learn the secrets of cartooning. Combine story telling with create comic strips when each student creates & illustrates their own stories.

Mixed Media Art

Our Young Artists will develop their artistic skills and create a take home project. They will use mixed media such as acrylic paint, oil pastels, water colours, charcoal and collage combined to produce their own unique pictures.

Communication Arts

This exam course develops essential soft skills - active listening, confident speaking unearthing their presentation style ready for their future careers.

Speaking the Words

This exam class equips each student with the skills necessary to become an independent, fluent, interactive listener & speaker.

Creative Writing

Create your own plays, poems & stories. Learn how to develop characters, themes, plots & put your ideas on the page ready to perform on the stage!

Debating & Public Speaking

This exam class progressively develops confidence & the ability to share ideas, knowledge & understanding, to negotiate, ask questions, exchange views, make presentations & actively listen. Each student will keep a study journal to explore record & reflect upon the context of practical work.

Speech & Drama

This exam class offers your child a wide range of performance opportunities including acting, poetry, sight-reading, storytelling, improvisation, mime & learning about drama theory. This class broadens & enriches their understanding of world literature.

Performing Shakespeare

This exam class is designed to develop confidence in working with & performing Shakespeare increasing understanding of verse & prose, encourage character development & help participants engage with the text in a meaningful way. Each student will encounter speeches & scenes from various plays & learn how to bring Shakespeare’s work alive.

Musical Theatre

Open the wonderful world of storytelling by unlocking each child's imagination & their use of voice to create characters & atmosphere.