Golden Path Education's home tutoring service is committed to helping all of our students succeed, whether on standardized tests or in academic subjects.

Our home tutoring service offers a full range of options in all core school subjects, including Maths, English, English literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, French, Geography, Critical Thinking and many others. We teach all relevant syllabi including GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, Hong Kong Diploma, MYP and International Baccalaureate.

Parents may choose tuition to help a child catch up, to study a new subject outside school, to challenge a child through an intensive and rigorous program or to give more attention than is possible in a classroom. Tutoring can improve school performance, increase confidence, enhance enjoyment or motivation in a subject and build solid study skills and discipline that will help in all aspects of life. Golden Path Education's home tutoring service can also offer adult learning so don't think that private tuition is just for children!

We help students learn about their own learning style, strengths and weaknesses. Not only do students achieve high grades, but they also develop confidence in themselves and learn to take responsibility and an active role in their own learning. Golden Path Education academic tutoring sessions are a safe space where the student can dive into his or her learning and ask questions without being hampered by the stresses of the traditional classroom.

We are passionate about helping children achieve their goals and are excited to begin working with you to understand your needs and design the pace and focus of the program around each student's unique abilities.

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